About Andrew

As a person who loves being out and about and travelling, Andrew loves landscapes and the impact it has on Andrew as a person, to be there and admire the wider view, hence his journey into photography commenced.

Through photography Andrew is able to express his personal take on a landscape, and his love of bringing all the elements to play, light, subject and composition, it is like a conductor of an orchestra, through image making Andrew is able to express his feelings and thoughts as each photo for Andrew expresses a certain feeling he has upon pressing the shutter release button.

The love of the outdoor life, fresh air, as well as opportunities to be fit through walking fuels his passion behind photography.

As Andrew is based in the North West of England, this provides plenty of photographic opportunities through the closness of the coast, the Lake District, Peak District and Yorkshire Dales.

Andrew particular enjoys the thrill and the game of waiting for the light and the preparatory work involved behind picture making even, if the opportunity to shoot is a couple of minutes, Andrew will still go for it.