Another Place Revisited

19th June 2012
It was a nice sunset last night, a bit of rain and cloud and moody skies gave all the ingredients of a nice sunset, enjoyed the company of John Versfeld and Ffion Rees Hughes too!

It was a case of finding the right water pool and statue and capturing the beautiful reflections of the sunset and clouds!

I was in a hurry to get this shot, knowing the sun would creep below the clouds, I wanted to avoid this, so it was a case of quickly assembling the filter system, and slotting in my ND grad to balance the sky.

Lastly, it is a small world, I had the pleasure of meeting Jeannie Lazenby, a very fine landscape photographer based in Blackpool and as we chatted, it appears we have alot of common photographer friends too!

It was a great shoot overall and it was nice to visit the coast again!