Capturing the love of a new baby

12th February 2012
As a family, we were kindly invited by out friends to go and visit them in Bradford and to see their new 11 week old baby girl, I took this as an opportunity to try and capture some precious moments in time for both new mum and dad.

After a lovely lunch prepared by our hosts, I then went along to photography mum,dad and their baby girl, trying to capture them naturally without any staging of the shot, so it was a simple matter of telling both mum and dad, to "feel the love for their child" and just express their physical emotions and imagine I am not there at all.

As a photographer it was great to be able to capture the mood and that feeling, but also as a parent I just knew what was going through their minds as there were cradling and holding on to their dear daughter, it brought back memories for me too!