Double the Fun Mornings at the Peaks

25th October 2012
Oh it was a busy weekend last weekend, two consecutive sunrises, chasing the light and feeling the mood for some landscape shots, it was time to go and see what the Peak District would bring to me!

Woke up on Saturday morning and I went out with another fellow photographer from my area - Tony Cowcill who kindly drove us to Curbar Edge, weather forecast was looking reasonable, mist and light forecasted for the morning, anticipation was high.

After an hours drive from Manchester, jumped out of the car in the car park, and there was a bus load of photographers, and I recognised all of them! Di Seddon, Hadrian Frankland and Paul Newcombe, it was obvious everyone was thinking the same thing!

It was a fab morning capturing the sunrise and the mood of Curbar Edge and after the morning light became a tad too strong it was time to venture back home and be with the family once more! Boy was I tired during Saturday, I only had myself to blame!

Sunday, my alarm woke up me at 6.00am, and I thought I wasnt going to get up this time, I needed my precious sleep, but the weather forecast looked reasonable, and it was a question of no pain no gain, so I lept out in anticipation and headed over to Mam Tor to capture a sunrise.

I met some campers camping up at the top of the hill who were talking about the wonderful night they had capturing star trails and light trails, and after saying my bye byes, I proceeded to take some shots I had in my head.

Finally got down to the usual fence and gate area and I looked up and saw another fellow photographer walking towards me, who shouted my name! I called back and said "It must be you James" - James Grant Photography who I have been talking to for a while but have never bumped into out on the field - I made a passing joke about him and Mam Tor, because anyone who knows James knows he likes not to do the usual common shots but look for the most distinctive shots that no-one else has captured, and asked why is he here, to which he replied - Stephen Elliott texted him about going out to Mam Tor would be a good idea!

After a good hearty natter, I proceeded to get the usual gate shot and some more abstract telephoto shots of the place.

Overall it was a highly enjoyable weekend of sunrise shoots!