Epic Holiday to the Far East and Canon 5D MKIII initial impressions

10th June 2012
Finally, having a bit of time to write a new blog entry, what a relief and what an epic family holiday it was to the Far East, visiting Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

It was an amazing family trip, Sophia was good as gold on the both outbound and inbound flight, sleeping for 8 hrs both ways.

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, was spotless clean, people very welcoming, public transport cheap, and by cheap I mean £4 lasted for 3 days worth of underground travel for all three of us!

The food was just great and it is a place I would want to visit again!

Visiting Xi'an, China for the 3rd time was an interesting experience, it was nice to see how far the city has developed especially with its new underground system which seems to be derived from the one in Hong Kong, again food was great and cheap.

Hong Kong was the last stop but it was the main part of our holiday, we had a great time visiting Ocean Park, Disneyland, Macau as well as eating! Lastly, I picked up the 5D MKIII and 135mm F2L during my stay in Hong Kong. What can I say about the 5d mkiii

It is a bloody good camera, a nice step over the 5D MKII in the AF system department, the camera felt responsive, and its ability to track moving
subjects even in low light situtations is pretty goodt! ISO is very usable at 12800, and allowed me to capture some "family shots in low light condition" as well as moving street subjects.

So for action/portrait and subjects, this is a worthy upgrade I must say and the 61 focus points are very useful, the ability to place the focus point exactly on the eyes without recomposing like the old 5DMK2 is nice. However, as a landscaper, I dont feel that side of me has really benefited from the 5D MKIII additional functions as I generally do everything manually, although the addition of extra memory card slots, improved interfaced and 100% is a welcome touch.

The build quality of the 5d mkiii is a step up over the old 5d mkii and reminds me of my 7D.