Exploring Malham Cove

29th January 2012
It was an early morning start on Saturday after Tony Cowcill suggested we should have a look at Malham Cove, I have to say this trip was a little treacherous, negotating icy roads, then negotating the icy steps on the way up to the top of the limestone pavement, and then not only having to deal with the usual hazard of the limestone pavements, dealing with ice and snow on the pavement itself.

The icy pavements made the thought process even harder interms of composing, but I had a total of 3 shots on my mind that I wanted to try out at the top,

a) Panoramic View to show the view
b) A Close up lower level view emphasing the detailing of the limestone and grikes formed by the stones
c) Abstract Pattern.

Overall was worth it though, I took this as a reccy trip to explore different compositions for the place. Lots of lessons learnt though for the next time!