From the Peaks to the Jurassic Coast

01st May 2013
Dawn beckons, the call of the morning screams at me, this weekend was going to be an action packed weekend of photography, with a bit of time given by my supportive wife, I had to make the most out of this trip.

The alarm goes off at 3.30am on a Saturday, time to hit the road, destination Mam Tor! It was a good opportunity to meet up with the other Peak District Destination Partner Photographers, I arrived on location for around 5.05am, and surprisingly it started to snow, got to the top of Mam Tor and met Nick Livesey, Phil Sproson
and Chris Charlesworth, it was good to have a morning natter, but the conditions werent looking great.

It was a case of waiting for a break in the clouds to happen which appeared likely as the clouds were moving quite fast. Suddenly, as we all appeared to give up hope
the clouds broke and rays of light broke out to hit the valley floor!

Patience was richly rewarded, and everyone started to fire away in anger!

Time was ticking though, the next stop was going to be a long drive, from the Peaks to the Jurassic coast, the aim was to capture a sunset at Durdle Door!

After saying my goodbyes to my fellow photographers, it was time to hit the road, the car filled to the brim with diesel, I left Mam Tor with a smile on my face, knowing I had one or two shots from the morning.

The journey was smooth down to Dorset, and arrived in good time in the early afternoon, first stop was to check out Kimmeridge again, taking a few compositional shotsin readiness for a sunset at Durdle Door. The weather conditions were interesting, a mixture of sunshine and heavy rain.

It was soon time to finish at Kimmeridge and head over to Durdle Door for a Sunset, the sunset wasn't the best as there was a distinct lack of cloud, but
this was more than made up for great lighting on the door itself and the subtlety of light.

Sunday morning, a dawn shoot to go for and I headed towards Wareham to capture some boats moored on the river, what a fab morning it was, mist rising off the river and pink skies to boot, I couldn't be happier!

I finished off at Wareham, and then headed back to Swanage, to finish off with a parting shot on the beach I promised myself I would return to this area during Christmas 2013!