Getting Caught out by the Rain at Birchen Edge

24th November 2012
It was a late afternoon, and it was a trip out to Birchen Edge, weather forecast for the Curbar area said clear blue skies so I wasn't expecting too much cloud texture but some good side lighting! Typically, the weather forecast got it wrong, but for the better! Dark rain clouds were brewing over Birchen Edge, and I have to say I got caught out in a deluge of rain, as I was photographing the edge, but as I turned around, I caught sight of a double rainbow over the 3 rocks of victory, defiance and royal sovereign.

After that I then photographed the edge again, with some great side lighting and moody skies, I couldn't have asked
for anymore.

Usually after a heavy rainstorm you can have some magical photographic conditions to play with and lady luck was with me
this time!