Landscape Weekend!

10th November 2012

I was looking forward to this weekend, time with family as well as my friends from Pascar Photography, it was going to be a weekend of landscape photography, all plans were made, I was going to take Paul and Oscar up to Bamford Edge, overlooking Ladybower Reservoir and Ashopton Bridge in the distance, a classic view but must be done.

Setting off at 1.30pm with the usual weather and traffic checks, we were all set to be at Bamford Edge for 2.30pm with the associated 25 minute walk to the top as well as time for reccy and planning work!

Unfortunately this was somewhat curtailed by the very fact the A57 was closed from Glossop onwards, disaster! After messing around with diversions, we were going to get there for 3.30pm, which wasn't going to give time to setup or planning work.

So Plan B was to go to Higger Tor, the weather was OK, could have wanted more cloud but still a good sunset was on the cards!

Unfortunately lady luck wasn't smiling on us as we only had 5 minutes worth of good light before the sun dipped behind a cloud bank!

Nevertheless we still continued to shoot to try and capture the subtle pink hues in the sky, though the lack of foreground light on the rocks proved to be a challenge.

Headed back in to Manchester and we did a few shots around Salford Quays before wrapping up and having a warm hearty steam boat session at Tai Wu.


I knew I wanted to go out and shoot at Higger Tor again, after the rush and the lack of shooting time yesterday I was
more than ever determined to go and get the shot I had planned. Weather forecast looked promising, traffic conditions were good, what could possibly go wrong ?

Clear skies in manchester and it looked relatively clear towards the Peaks, and I was thinking, this is going to be a fine morning! Oh how my feelings went up and down, as I approached Hathersage, my heart started to sink, cloud and fog on the hills, was lady luck going to be against me ? Initially I did have thoughts about turning back, but I decided to perserve and see what awaits at Higger Tor, knowing that to turn around I might miss something, even though the conditions didnt look ideal!

I am glad I stuck to my guns, as the weather did play ball and I managed to get the shot I scouted out yesterday!