My trip down to Dorset!

21st November 2012
A trip I was waiting for a while, and I was filled with anticipation, looking forward to some quality time behind the camera.

I was all packed by Wednesday night, and it was an early drive down to Wareham where I was staying, 4.45hr from Manchester down to Wareham wasn't too bad, car on cruise control, motorways clear, happy days!

However, the weather forecast wasn't looking good for the first few days, but nevertheless I took this as a challenge no matter the weather I will be out to try and get a shot of this place, as it may be a while until I return to Dorset.

Thursday afternoon, I had a look at Durdle Door, hoping for a beautiful sunset, but it wasn't to be, so I settled on the usual classical composition of the door but time for the waves to be in the right place at the right time
to form a leading S line back ot the door. I was quite happy with the result even though there was a lack of light nevertheless it was a shot in the bag, although it is good to find originality in photography, I believe there is
nothing wrong in photographing an iconic icon such as Durdle Door, because at the end of the day you have your own take on it, and the weather conditions do vary.

Friday Morning, I woke up at 6.10am and headed out to Studland, wet and raining, head torch on, it was grim, looking at the low lying clouds and mist, this was going to be a real challenge, after a 20 minute walk, I arrived at the headland and surveyed the scene, instinctively, I knew this was abstract time. I spent alot of my time wiping the constant rain off my filters and after some 35 minutes there, I called it a day, but I think I had a shot that worked a bit of mist and moodiness!

Friday Evening, I headed out towards Kimmeridge bay and my hopes were being lifted. After having a quick reccy of the place I decided to setup and focus on the slab of granite rock leading out towards the sea, again another place that many photographers have photographed but decided I would like to do this nevertheless.

The weather certainly improved, low lying clouds were moving away quite quickly, and a potential good sunset was in the making.

I settled in one spot, with the foreground rock pool as being a point of interest and making use of the leadin of the edge of the granite rock to take me towards the setting sun, it wasn't an easy shot as I was shooting directly into the sun but having the 0.9 ND reverse grad certainly helped. I only wish the tide was more in covering the lower lying rocks and the granite rock edge but you cannot have it all!

Saturday Morning, again another early morning start, headed out towards Kingston to have a look at the wider view with Kimmeridge bay in the distance, a panoramic shot was the name of the game this morning, and although it didn't rain, I didn't quite get the golden light shafts catching onto the hillside or the distant cliffs, but nevertheless this place had potential.

Saturday Evening, it was a trip-out to Lulworth Cove, and my heart sank, grey clouds everywhere and compositionally it wasn't the easiest place
to get to trips with, after trying some experiments with my 10 stop filter, I settled on a clump of rocks and decided to work it a bit I nearly called it a day, but I guess sometimes lady luck is with you, suddenly the sky was on fire, the sunset I thought never will happen happened! It was game on, clicking away like a mad bunny on ecstasy, it was a moment of elation!

Sunday Morning, my last day in Dorset, and it was time to revisit Durdle Door and Man of Way Bay, I knew the sunrise conditions were going to be
great in the sense we will have light, but not so good because it will be clear! After planning on Friday evening, I headed out towards a spot
which would give me two opportunities to shoot, one directly into the sun, facing Man of War Bay and then swinging the camera around to catch the light on Durdle Door, it was a game plan I stuck to, I was all setup and just waited for the sun to come up, as soon as it did, it was game on, a few clicks here and a few clicks there, the images I had in my mind I had got!

My journey is coming to an end in Dorset, and I was missing my family but at least I came away armed with more knowledge and some photographs that I liked!