Night Time to Sunset!

02nd February 2013
Saturday morning 1.00am start!? ( I couldn't sleep) it was destination Lake District, I wanted to do some star trails as the weather forecast predicted clear skies, after arriving at the first destination - Castle Rigg, I decided to setup, nice and cold at -2 degrees, coffee in hand, and waiting for an hour for this exposure to happen.

Castle Rigg was eeriely silent, but I knew Martin Steele was there earlier doing Wirewool burning, which I must say is seriously impressive!

Afterwards after doing some other star trail work at Keswick, it was time to head to Ullswater to hook up with Mark Littlejohn whose work of the lakes I greatly admire. (Thanks mate for the compositional tips, much appreciated).

Headed back home to spend some time with the family and boy was I feeling tired at this time, and decided not to head out to the Peaks but to photograph my local haunt of Salford Quays, in the good company of Oscar Ip, and the sunset was glorious to say the least

Afterwards we headed into town for dinner.

A rather long day where I only had myself to blame for being tired, but overall it was worthwhile!

Star Trails at Castle Rigg Stone Circle

The Lone Tree of Ullswater