Photographic Tuition

Its a pleasure to be able to offer one to one tuition or small group tuition (max size 3 persons) based on my own photographic journey that I undertook sometime ago, and it has been a memorable, often fraught journey but the will to self-develop and persevere with digital image making has given me a passion to go forward and continue to strive for quality images and I would love to help you on your own journey!

I happen to love the outdoor life, visiting the coast, urban landscapes or the hills that surround us, but I realise not everybody likes the physical nature of landscape photography and prefer to concentrate on more accessible locations and subjects.

I will concentrate on your specific needs and requirements, and the way I will structure this course is you will be in the driving seat, telling me what you wish to learn and how fast you wish the course to run.

I will cover the following basic composition and understanding the quality of light as well as technical aspects of using your camera and settings, through the usage of filters as well as looking how to maximise image sharpness from the front to the back as well as how to shoot panoramic photographs.

Please do bring your camera instruction manual, tripod, appropriate footwear and clothing and be familiar with your basic camera control functions.

Price for one to one tuition is £60 for the whole day, weather permitting including dawn to dusk shoot.

For groups, please contact me.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at Andrew Yu Photography