Recommended Reading

Andrew started his journey into the world of photography a couple of years ago and during his travels he has found the below books informative and useful in helping him develop his vision and understanding on what makes a good photograph as well as providing Andrew inspiration for his own work.

In no particular order and genre, these are the books Andrew recommends for a new traveller into the world of photography.

General Reading:
  • The Photographer's Eye - Michael Freeman
  • The Photographer's Mind - Michael Freeman
  • Perfect Exposure - Michael Freeman
  • Learning to see Creatively - Bryan Peterson
  • The Creative Photography Handbook - Lee Frost

Landscape Studies:
  • Full Frame - David Noton
  • Waiting for the Light - David Noton
  • 100 Ways to take better landscape photographs - Guy Edwardes
  • Northumberland Coast - Joe Cornish
  • Landscape Photography Workshop - Mark Bauer and Ross Hoddinott

Animal Studies:
  • 100 Ways to take better nature and wildlife photographs - Guy Edwardes