Star Trails at the Lakes

08th December 2012
It was an early trip up to the lakes in the company of Paul Wu and Oscar Ip, weather conditions looked good for some night photography. After debating which location to go during our journey up towards the lakes, we decided on Keswick - Ashness Jetty. Although this is a popular photo location, we decided the weather conditions and interest was stronger than heading towards Coniston.

We had luck with the weather conditions and managed to shoot night time star trail shots, though our feet were somewhat cold as it was -3 degrees and rubber wellies don't really insulate against the cold, but it was worth it!

Our spirits were not damped at all.

We kicked off with some star trails,

and then looked at the predawn light,

with finally dawn coming our way, our eyes we treated with glorious morning colours!

A trip well worth going to!